Business cooperation

Brand cooperation

If you are an
overseas professional brand or manufacturer;
With the prospect of expanding China's vast market;
Be able to provide high quality professional differentiation products or OEM, ODM and other services;
Please contact us!

021-67700042-836(Marketing Department)

[brand cooperation] + [company name, such as XX Co., Ltd.] + [main products such as paper towels, wooden toys] + [own brand / OEM brand, such as Bellini, Putiz]

Market cooperation

If you are an
excellent distributor or retailer in china;
Advocate to bring the best quality of life to consumers;
Have stable online or offline consumer groups;
Please contact us!

021-67769150(Electricity Department)

[market cooperation] + [channels: such as Tmall, self-support app] + [main direction: such as maternal and child supplies.etc]


021-67700042-836(Marketing Department)

[market cooperation] + [channels: such as kidswant, Carrefour] + [main direction: such as maternal and child supplies.etc]

Talent cooperation

I am!
Adhere to 9 a.m. to 5 p.m, dishonorable on overtime work
We organize team building activities very often, hope won’t bother you
If you never go formalism about your work
Say no to the bureaucratic muddle along
Adhere to conquer the boss with the excellent work ability
Hope that work is challenging every day and can enrich your abilities and wallets
Then, please contact us!

18001666661(Administration Department)

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